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March 1, 2011: October Country is available on iTunes, Amazon, Amazon On Demand, and Netflix.

January 11, 2011: Video Librarian has listed October Country as one of the top films of 2010.

December 31, 2010: Wow. Two more notable year-end film lists. The first is from Benjamin Mercer at The Atlantic Monthly, who named October Country one of the most underrated films of the year, and the second from Kathie Smith at Twin Cities Film Blog who listed us at number 16 of her top 30 films of the year. Thanks guys!

December 30, 2010: We are thrilled to have been included in the Top Ten Films of the Year by Andrew Wyatt at St. Louis Magazine's art and culture blog Look/Listen. His synopsis of our film is especially lovely. Thanks Andrew, we owe you a Concrete from Ted Drewes next time we're in town!

December 29, 2010: Minnesota's In Review Online put us in the Top 20 Films of the Year. We're most grateful to Sam C. Mac and the state of Minnesota, land of our next film!

December 24, 2010: Susan Gerhard at SF360 gave us a best doc of the year nod. We began this project when we still lived in San Francisco, so this one's a real honor. Thank you, Susan!

December 21, 2010: A new interview with us conducted by Pamela Cohn can be found on Bomblog. Thanks Pamela for the opportunity, and for cleaning up our ramblings to make us sound halfway intelligent in print.

December 20, 2010: Some more year end nods: L Magazine included us in a video tribute. And Nick Schager at the Village Voice listed us as one of his favorite films of the year.

December 17, 2010: Thanks to Lyall Bush at the Northwest Film Forum for giving us a year end hometown nod!

December 16, 2010: We've ended up on some year end best-of lists. Slant Magazine put us in the Lucky #13 spot on their Top 25 Films of the Year list. And we also made the Indiewire Annual Critics Survey, listing us as one of the best documentaries of the year and best debut features of the year. Thanks, all you critic-folks who supported our film this year!

December 14, 2010: We just got back from teaching a master class at the Edinburgh College of Art. It was an incredible experience. Thanks to Sonja Henrici, Flore Cosquer, and Finlay Pretsell for orchestrating everything for us. Sonja wrote up a kind of summary of our two day panel and you can read about it here. Did we really say that?

October 15, 2010: October Country is finally available on DVD next week, starting October 19th. It's a beautiful transfer and wonderful packaging and we're really proud of it. Order it from us here or from the folks at Amazon. The film is also going to be available for rental at Netflix on October 26. Add it to your queue! Streaming and VOD options coming soon...

June 7, 2010: We never in a million years thought we'd win an audience award, but the awesome city of Duluth, MN and the Sound Unseen Film and Music festival just gave it to us. Thanks to Adam, Steve, Jim and the rest of the gang for having us show our film, and an extra special thanks to the city of Duluth. You folks rule.

May 20, 2010: October Country is going to be available on Netflix starting in October of this year. Add us to your queue by clicking here. By adding us, you're letting Netflix know you want them to carry the film!

April 28, 2010: We are honored to have won the Maysles Documentary competition at the 10th annual Belfast International Film Festival. Thanks to Cian Smyth and all of the members of the jury for this unexpected prize, which is, quite literally, a Belfast Sink. You can find out more about the announcement here.

April 9, 2010: October Country opens today in Washington, D.C. More information on tickets and showtimes at The Avalon Theater.

April 2, 2010: October Country opens today in Portland, Oregon! You can purchase advance tickets to the screenings at the Regal Fox Tower here.

Feb 12, 2010: October Country opens today in New York! Buy your tickets here!

Feb 4, 2010: October Country is kicking off its U.S. Theatrical release with its premiere at the IFC Center downtown on February 12 through Feb 18th. The 7pm Friday night screening on the 12th will feature the Mosher family in attendance, a special honor for us. We'll also be there to answer questions at all of the 7pm screenings from Friday through Sunday. Tickets are available online at IFC. Please let your friends know and hope to see you there!

Jan 16, 2010: October Country just picked up two awards at the 3rd annual Cinema Eye Honors last night. The film won Best Debut Feature and Best Musical Score. We are very grateful to the Cinema Eye team, the juries and the extended community for voting for us. It's a huge honor. Lovely - and terrifying - photos of the event courtesy of the inimitable Ingrid Kopp at Shooting People.

Jan 8, 2010: Wow, this is awesome. We ended up on a year end top 10 list that included Avatar, Up, District 9 and Star Trek. And WTF! We ended up higher on the list than some of them! Thanks Utku for selecting us as your fav doc of the year. We have no idea who you are, but we're glad you saw our film!

Jan 7, 2010: Cynthia Fuchs from Pop Matters included our film as one of her favorites of 2009. We're honored to be included in such weighty company. Her full review of our film is here.

Jan 1, 2010: Happy New Year everyone. We're pleased to announce that October Country has teamed up with Wendy Lidell from International Film Circuit for the theatrical release of our film around the country. We'll be posting updates and screening details as soon as we find out where the film is showing.

Dec 27, 2009: October Country ended up on a lot of Best of 2009 year-end lists. James McNally from Toronto listed us as one of his favorite docs of the year, as did Cindy Fuchs from the Philadelphia City Paper, Doug Jones from LAFF, Brit Withey from Denver International, and Cameron Yates from Newfest New York. We also got a really nice nod from Brian Brooks, Basil Tsiokas, and Bryan Stamp over at Indiewire. Thanks y'all. You're on our top ten list for life.

Dec 15, 2009: David Courier and Caroline Libresco rock. So does AJ Schnack, whose interview with the two documentary programmers at Sundance on his blog Edendale is a must read. They discuss the difficulties of programming and NOT programming films into their selection, and they gave a special nod to October Country. Thanks guys!

Dec 12, 2009: It's official. October Country will have its New York theatrical premiere on the week of February 12-18, 2010 at the IFC Center in New York. More details forthcoming!

Dec 11, 2009: October Country was included in New York's annual critic's survey of best undistributed films of 2009, courtesy of Indiewire.

Dec 5, 2009: October Country has just been awarded the grand jury prize for best documentary at Festival EntreVues. We want to thank Cecile Cadoux for asking us to share our film with them in Belfort, France.

Dec 1, 2009: WOW, someone spiked the punch in L.A.! October Country just got nominated for Best Documentary at this year's Independent Spirit Awards!

Nov 21, 2009: Hey! We made it into LIFE Magazine! Well, at least our photos did. Red Carpet at the Gothams.