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June 7, 2010: One of our favorite reviews of the whole run, courtesy of St. Louis and Gateway Cinephiles. "In its finest moments, the film serves as a bitter rumination on the cyclical quality of family history, as well as a cinematic seance, not only with the Mosher clan's particular demons, but with the Puritan shades that still haunt the American experience."

June 3, 2010: First reviews out of Chicago. Here's a great one from Ray Pride at New City Film. "More than earns the comparisons that have been made to Grey Gardens with the substantial gift of a lyrical visual style."

May 7, 2010: The San Francisco Chronicle weighs in with a lovely review, its sentiments echoed by the San Francisco Examiner.

May 6, 2010: The San Francisco Press are being very kind to us, and we are so grateful. Here's a wonderful review from David Lamble at the Bay Area Reporter. "Like a Hallmark Card composed by the Addams Family." Nice.

May 5, 2010: One of our favorite reviews of the whole run, courtesy of Johnnie Ray Huston at the SF Bay Guardian entitled "Seasonal, Effecive." Thanks Johnnie Ray.

May 2, 2010: The San Francisco Chronicle has a really nice profile of us in this weekend's Arts section, courtesy of Reyhan Harmanci.

April 8, 2010: The Washington Post chimes in very positively on the film, courtesy of Michael O'Sullivan.

April 2, 2010: The Oregonian just posted a really positive review of our film, courtesy of Marc Mohan.

April 2, 2010: The kind people at KINK-FM conducted a nice radio interview with us yesterday, the full version of which is posted here.

April 1, 2010: Marjorie Skinner did a nice profile of us and review of our film at the Portland Mercury. Thanks Marjorie!

March 31, 2010: Our first review out of Boston courtesy of Christopher Gray at The Phoenix.

March 29, 2010: We're really proud of this review, courtesy of Ted Kerr in Edmonton. Thanks, Ted.

March 18, 2010: Seattle's The Stranger comes out swinging with a real head-turner of a positive review. "The scariest horror film since The Blair Witch Project." Huh?

March 5, 2010: We were thrilled to be interviewed by our friend Tift Merritt, a wonderful musician and host of Marfaspark, a radio show in Marfa, Texas. You can read about and listen to it here. Thanks Tift!

Feb 20, 2010: More reactions from L.A. Here's an almost spot-on reading of our film, courtesy of Eric Luers at 411. And Karina Longworth continues her love for the film at the LA Weekly.

Feb 19, 2010: The first reviews are posting out of L.A., where our film opened last night in Beverly Hills of all places. First up is a great review from Kevin Thomas at the Los Angeles Times. You have to scroll to the bottom of the page (we're a documentary, after all!).

Feb 18, 2010: A few more reviews NYC Movie Guru. Cole Smithey. An Aisle Seat. And a nice interview by Jed Ryan at Dishmiss.

Feb 17, 2010: A really great interview with S.T. Vanairsdale is up at Movieline. Thanks S.T.!

Feb 16, 2010: Another nice review by Eric Monder at Film Journal.

Feb 15, 2010: Jesse Ashlock posted a great interview with us at Good. She discusses our film alongside one of our favorite docs of last year, Bill and Turner Ross' 45365.

Feb 14, 2010: Chris Barsanti at Film Critic weighs in positively on the film.

Feb 13, 2010: Cinematic Voodoo! A great interview conducted by Kevin Lee at The Auteurs.

Feb 12, 2010: A.O. Scott at the New York Times calls October Country "fascinating... like a Joyce Carol Oates novel rendered as a documentary... at once personal and objective... the filmmakers are as sensitive to visual nuances as they are to details of behavior."

Feb 12, 2010: Kyle Smith from the New York Post calls the film "riveting... attention must be paid."

Feb 12, 2010: We're the critics' pick this week in New York Magazine where the film is praised as "gorgeously filmed... lyrical."

Feb 12, 2010: Right now we're at 100% at Rotten Tomatoes. We'll relish in that rating while it lasts!

Feb 10, 2010: Artforum weighs in with a lovely review by S. James Snyder who calls the film "an hypnotic, impressionistic spectacle."

Feb 10, 2010: Jennifer Merin raves about the film at, calling it "monumentally magnificent... staggering... a must see."

Feb 9, 2010: The first official theatrical reviews of October Country are trickling out of New York. First up, Time Out New York gave us a whopping 5 out of 5 stars. "Intimate yet larger-than-life, this masterpiece of the everyday shows you don't need James Cameron's toy box to make images pop from the screen, much less to see and embrace the world anew."

Feb 9, 2010: Michael Korevsky at IndieWire and Reverseshot wrote a stunning piece about the film: "Stirring. Visually remarkable. Surveys with detached beauty and expressive melancholy all the other members of the working-class family, creating a multigenerational portrait of cycles of disappointment and frustration. Evokes a troubled suburbia, teeming with ghosts, visible and not."

Feb 9, 2010: Karina Longworth at the Village Voice weighs in with a great review, saying the film "delivers an unadulterated shot of the kind of poor white American despair and frustration that most media treats as caricature... dense with painterly, almost abstract imagery rendered in vivid, lurid living color."

Feb 8, 2010: A nice interview with Jenni Miller at Tribeca Film has just posted.

Jan 15, 2010: Linda Z from the WBAI Women's Collective has posted a really intense review of our film at Critical Women on Film.

Jan 1, 2010: Here is one really special review of our film from Dodie Bellamy in the autumn 2009 issue SF Camerawork magazine. We are especially grateful to her for this beautiful piece of writing. The text only version of the essay is here. Thank you, Dodie.

Nov 21, 2009: Scott Macauley has posted a nice piece about all of the Gotham nominees on his blog at Filmmaker Magazine. There's also a really great piece about the state of Independent Cinema as it pertains to the five films nominated by Brandon Harris here.

Nov 17, 2002: St. Louis' Riverfront Times weighs in positively on October Country. Thanks Annie!

Nov 14, 2009: A really nice interview of us at Festival Dei Popoli in Florence has been posted here.

Nov 13, 2009: Now here's something we're really proud of - a review of our film's trailer at Slashfilm. We sincerely hope the film lives up to its hype. Thanks, Mr. Stipp, a DVD is in the mail!

Nov 12, 2009: NowToronto has posted a really nice review of our film. Thanks Norman, you really got where we were coming from!

Nov 12, 2009: We made Brit's picks for the films to see in Denver this weekend. Thanks Brit! Find out more at Westword.

Nov 12, 2009: Toronto's first review of the film comes from EyeWeekly. Four stars!

Nov 11, 2009: Someone's speaking 'Montrealese' about our film. Ah! That's the illustrious guest host of the RIDM, Mr. Antoine Bertrand! We can't put him through Babelfish, sadly, but you can see him talking about our film here. Thanks Mr. Bertrand, we hope you are saying nice things about us en Francais.

Nov 1, 2009: "October Country is like a song by Vic Chesnutt - sad, broken, and yet somehow, captivating." - KinoZeit, Germany.

Oct 23, 2009: Portugal's main newspaper, Ipsilon, has a nice review of us speaking in Portugese. It's actually a lovely interview that might survive the Babelfish translator if you try. Check it out here. A fantastic review of the film by the same reporter, Jorge Mourinha, can be found here.

Oct 6, 2009: A really wonderful piece by Brian Brooks on the unique path our film is taking on the festival circuit at Indiewire. Thanks Thom and Brian!

Oct 5, 2009: Things are heating up again. A flattering piece and a "9 out of 10" stars at PopMatters.

Sept 6, 2009: Wow! A really nice review of our film for the upcoming Woodstock Film Festival by Jay Blotcher at Chronogram Magazine. Thanks Jay!

Aug 29, 2009: Do you speak Swiss-German? Neither do we! Here's a fun interview of us not speaking in our own language from Susanne Ruchstuhl at Zurich Radio.

Aug 26, 2009: Do you read French? Here's a review of our film at Locarno from La Liberacion. It was kindly translated by Isabelle Monaco, the wonderful woman responsible for translating our film into French, here. Thanks Isabelle!

Aug 24, 2009: Do you read Italian? We don't, but we think these are good reviews 'cause they came out alright on the trusty babelfish. This one is from the great Italian film critic Fabio Ferzetti from Il Messaggero. And while we're in that neck of the woods, this review comes from the fantastic Giona Nazzaro at an Italian rock and roll mag called Rumore. Ciao!

Aug 20, 2009: A very flattering review of our film in Bitch Magazine from Lisa Latham. She rocks.

Aug 12, 2009: A nice mention of October Country from Art Levine over at the Huffington Post.

July 15, 2009: Filmmaker Magazine has selected us as two of the new 25 Filmmakers to Watch in the new issue of Filmmaker Magazine. Thanks Scott!

June 26, 2009: Another fantastic review from AJ Schnack at Edendale. Thanks AJ.

June 25, 2009: Karina Longworth's wonderful review of our film just popped up on Spout.

June 24, 2009: Wow. A stunning review by Pamela Cohn at StillInMotion.

June 21, 2009: nice interview with Tessa Moran at the Washington City Paper here.

June 20, 2009: More reviews rolling in. Here's one from Moving Pictures Magazine. Another from the LA Weekly.

June 12, 2009: Our first reviews are trickling in. The first is from the Washington Post. Another from the Washington City Paper.

June 12, 2009: Ah, Kimberly! You shouldn't have. One of our favorite documentary filmmakers Kimberly Reed gave us a wonderful shout out in the middle of a Silverdocs filmmaker Q&A for her own movie, so we just had to return the favor. Check out Kim's stunning debut film, Prodigal Sons at Silverdocs if you can. It's a truly original and engrossing piece of storytelling, one of the very best films we've seen this year.

Sept 19, 2008: We were fortunate enough to test screen a work-in-progress cut of our film on September 18th at the Rooftop Film Festival in New York. Rooftop Films is curated by Mark Elijah Rosenberg, an incredible force in the independent film community. We owe this man greatly for his support and insight. He wrote a review of our film, and we wanted to share it with you.